24 Aug 2016:
At the end of 2014, after quite a wait, I finally got a diagnosis…schizoaffective disorder.
With this blog I’d just like to share things I am dealing with and hopefully this will help even one person feel less alone as they deal with a mental illness. I also hope to cast a glimpse into life with schizophrenia & depression that will help the family and friends of those with these illnesses.
I’ll be candid and mean no offence to any person by anything I say!

20 March 2018:
As I said in my post titled ‘Fear‘, “maybe while I straddle the fence between sanity and insanity I can help the sane catch a glimpse into the perspective of those they have lost“.
My posts may not always make sense, but I want to be honest about my feelings as I wade through my life with schizophrenia and depression. There are posts written in the throes of psychosis and delusional thought, posts written while I’m optimistic, others when I am in a dark place…This is not ‘professional’ writing. Nope.
This is my anonymous contribution in a bid to give you access into what it’s like living life with a mental illness aka emotional disorder aka whatever name makes you comfortable.
And for those who are struggling (with or without a mental illness):


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  1. Thank you meltingneurons. I can’t explain how happy I am to hear that you feel less alone, such a powerful feeling! That my writing could do that means the world.
    You are definitely not alone


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